Creative Dad Takes Adorable Portraits of Daughter

Check out these Nagano Toyokazu photographs of his beautiful and hilarious daughter! Too cute!



Nagano Toyokazu is a photographer from Ishikawa, Japan. He is also a father to two adorable daughters, Miu and Kanna. Both daughters have been the focus of several creative portrait series which you can find on Flickr here, here and here.

In an ongoing series aptly titled, My daugher_kanna, Toyokazu takes adorable and creative portraits of his daughter in various scenarios and attire. Most are shot with a PENTAX67(90mm/f5.6)camera and Kodak PORTRA400 film.

Below you will find a small selection of my personal favourites. Be sure to check out the 186+ picture gallery on Flickr and enjoy them all.

[Laughing Squid via PetaPixel]



Dreams come true together

Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu




I scream♥

Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu





Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu




Academy Awards Oscar Winners.

Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu




Mambo No.5

Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu




Over the Rainbow

Photograph by Nagano Toyokazu

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