Homemade Chairs on the Streets of China

This is amazing to see how creative people can be with the little bit that they have.


homemade chairs on the streets of china michael wolf (1)

Photograph by Michael Wolf


Born in Germany and raised in the United States, Europe, and Canada; Michael Wolf began his career as a photojournalist, spending eight years working in Hong Kong for the German magazine Stern. After many years in the industry, Wolf quit photojournalism in the early 2000s, focusing strictly on fine-art photography and personal projects.

One of his first non-editorial photography series was Bastard Chairs. The series would prove worthwhile, as he exhibited the images worldwide and published a book in 2002 entitled, Sitting in China. Wolf explains:

“They are not elegant, nor are they always comfortable. But neither are they mass-produced: they are individuals. In china, the objects used for sitting are as manifold as the occasions for sitting. Each chair and stool has its own character, is a companion, a bastard, or a venerable elder. Their occupants sit close to the floor…

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