How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater

How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater

How To Make A Light Up Shoebox Theater


Vintage Photos of New York Superimposed onto Present Day

Very interesting, worth taking a look. The artist blended a few vintage photos with modern day. I’m gigging it.



Marc Hermann (@MHermannPhoto) is a professional news photographer born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He is an official historian and interim trustee of the New York Press Photographers Association. As of November 2012, Hermann has been a staff photographer with the Corporate Communications department of MTA New York City Transit.

In a fascinating ‘Now & Then’ series, Hermann superimposes photographs from the Daily News Photo Archive onto present day photos, taking time to match the angle and framing of the original. The resulting 15-picture series provides a fascinating way to experience a city’s history, especially one as rich and well-documented as New York’s.

As Hermann explains:

In a city as large as New York, the history seems layered, but invisible. So much has happened in so many places that it’s difficult to imagine that the given street corner we pass daily was the…

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